HR Management

By managing your workforce contracts, we provide an alternative to the high cost of retaining full time labor and a more effective staff management system for your workforce tailored to meet your needs. With regards to your staff management, recruitment, and replacement needs, this now becomes our issue and no longer yours.

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ~ African proverb

Recruitment & Assessment

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified HR professionals who ensure that you don’t meet any candidate unless they satisfy the criteria for the role that you are seeking to fill.

Employee Contracting

Payroll processing is one of the most labor and time intensive tasks in any business organization. Managing your payroll process for you will save on time and cost, embrace security, avoid unnecessary mistakes, and ensure compliance.

Performance Management

We design and provide consultation on the employee performance review process.

Training & Development

Our training program involves addressing specific skills and knowledge areas vital for employees to succeed at their current role

Reward Management

We design and/or update/revise a comprehensive employee wage and salary program.

Benefits & risk management

This involves retirement plans, leave policies, wellness programs, and insurance policies such as health, life, and disability.

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